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This section was created (February 2016) to provide resources of use to California City Clerks.  If you have information that would be beneficial to post here, please contact the Communications Director.


Click Here for CCAC Bylaws, Amended 10/15/2015

Click Here for CCAC Policies, Revised/Amended 10/25/17

Click Here for CCAC Guidelines for Preparing Minutes for Governmental Agencies, Adopted 10/17/2015

Click Here for CCAC Sample Agenda Report, Adopted 10/17/2015

Click Here for Sample "Clerk in a Box"

Click Here for The People's Business: A Guide to the California Public Records Act, Revised 4/2017

Click Here for list of Appointed v. Elected California City Clerks Updated: February 12, 2018
               Note: This list is incomplete; if you have information to share; please email the Communications Director.