Congratulations to our 2020 Clerk of the Year and Clerks of Distinction!

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City Clerk of the Year - Wendy Clock-Johnson, Assistant City Clerk, City of Sacramento

The City Clerk of the Year is CCAC’s most honored award. Since 1987, for 33 years, we have selected one of our own to bestow with the title of California’s City Clerk of the Year. The award is situational to what we are experiencing in our communities. The award is adaptable to unusual times and the ever-evolving challenges of this profession. Because of the importance of this award to the clerk community, there often is an element of recognizing long term achievement as well as giving back to the profession thrown into the consideration.

This nomination opened with defining this person as a Servant Leader. Their main goal is to serve. Always a reframing of what they are asked to do with a lens applied of ‘how can I help’ and with all the extra assignments and special project leadership they have undertaken, they have demonstrated that their answer is yes. They step-up and show-up and then lead. It is a character revealing pattern of behavior that can greatly influence an organization as well as a community as you’ll see this person has. Knowing and leading with your values foremost, mean they don’t take the path of doing what is easy, but of what is right.

  • This person is an expert clerk and knows how to build a collaborative project team that builds organizational community and gets things done.
  • This person is fearless in embracing innovation and spends dedicated time helping others embrace change.
  • This person reaches their hands across the desk, the hall, the city, as well as the clerk community to give opportunities for others to mentor and grow.
  • This person builds relationships across their organization with a supportive and caring emphasis that is highly sought after.
  • This person gives back as a writer, and totally nails both the technical requirements of staff reports as well as the persuasive ways of the pen.
  • This person is a resource of knowledge with the clerk community and is much sought after trainer nationally; she shares her own journey with a vulnerability that builds trust and changes skills, hearts, and minds.
  • This person was nominated by their Mayor, entire City Council, City Manager and their City Clerk.
  • This person has walked through adversity and truly difficult times; and turned the experience into one of growth and how to give back to others and help others open their heart to healing.
  • And this person, in addition to their CCAC board service and leadership, is known for being a puppy raiser extraordinaire and bringing joy to those through her long service and commitment with Canine Companions;

It is truly my honor and privilege to award City of Sacramento’s Assistant City Clerk Wendy Klock-Johnson with the 2020 City Clerk of the Year award.

2020 Clerks of Distinction:

President's Special Award of Distinction (Deputy City Clerk of the Year) - Jocelyn Kwong, Deputy City Clerk, City of San Ramon

President's Special Award of Distinction (Difference Maker & Key Influencer) - Monika Radeva, City Clerk, City of La Quinta

President's Special Award of Distinction (Leading with Expertise & Great Style) - Linda Troyan, City Clerk Services Director, City of Rancho Cucamonga

President's Special Award of Distinction (Compassionate Leadership & Mentoring) - Anna Grandys, City Clerk, City of Indian Wells

President's Special Award of Distinction (Building Powerful Partnerships with Presence) - Teresa Vargas, City Clerk, City of Lathrop

President's Special Award of Distinction (Value Based Leadership with Heart) - La Vonda M Pearson, Director of Government Services / Town Clerk, Town of Apple Valley