Joining CCAC

How do I join the CCAC?

Anthony J. Mejia, MMC
Second Vice-President

Membership in the City Clerks Association of California (CCAC) provides members with reduced registration fees to the City Clerks Annual Conference, the annual New Law and Elections Seminar sponsored by the League of California Cities and various other training opportunities. In addition, scholarship opportunities are available for members to offset education costs.

CCAC consists of 16 geographical regions. Membership in one of these regions is automatic upon payment of dues. 

If you are interested in becoming a member of CCAC, please contact CCAC Second Vice-President at [email protected].

2018 Membership Renewal:

Being an active member of CCAC has its privileges, and your Board will be providing you with a membership packet before the end of the year that outlines all of the great resources available to members. It is imperative that you know exactly what membership entails, its privileges, and its requirements.

Whether you are a prospective member, a new member, a seasoned member, or a former member – pledge to get involved, become an active member and let’s make 2018 a record year for membership!

Dues rates are determined by the population of your City or whether you are an Affiliate/Retired Member, Governmental Agency, or Non-governmental Agency. Dues are reviewed annually.   

CCAC Annual Membership Dues
Population Level Primary Fee Associate Fee
Under 10,000 $90 $40
10,000 to 49,000 $130 $55
50,000 to 100,000 $170 $70
Over 100,000 $210 $85
Governmental ** $160 $65

** Includes Special Districts, Joint Powers Authorities, and Any Other City, County, or State Government Agency

Primary Member

Any appointed or elected City Clerk or appointed Assistant City Clerk or Deputy City Clerk representing a City in the State of California is eligible for Primary Membership, on the basis of one Primary Member per City, upon payment of the annual dues.  Each City shall designate by name and/or position its Primary Member.  In the absence of such designation, the City Clerk shall be the Primary Member.

Associate Member

Any Assistant City Clerk or Deputy City Clerk whose City Clerk is a Primary Member, institutions and/or organization whose operations are closely allied with the functions of the City Clerk's office, and professional persons in fields directly related to municipal government, are eligible for Associate Membership.

Lifetime Member

Lifetime membership can be conferred on any person who requests such membership and fulfills all of the following criteria: employed by one or more municipalities performing City Clerk duties for at least 10 years; has been a Voting and/or Associate Member of the organization for at least 10 years; has been a Voting Member of the association for at least 2 years of total requirement of 10 years membership.

Affiliate Member

Any former Voting or Associate Member who has left office and who is not a Lifetime Member may request an Affiliate Membership with CCAC board approval.

Honorary Member

Honorary membership may be proposed at any CCAC Annual Conference either by the Executive Board or by a petition signed by 10 or more Voting Members, for any person who is not eligible for Primary, Associate, Lifetime or Affiliate Membership and who has contributed in an important way to the improvement of the City Clerk profession.