LCC City Clerks Department

LCC City Clerks Department Minutes

October 5, 2016 Agenda/Notice Minutes
September 30, 2015 Agenda/Notice Minutes
September 3, 2014 Agenda/Notice Minutes
September 18, 2013 Agenda/Notice Minutes


League Representatives

1400 K Street, Suite 400, Sacramento, CA  95814

     Meghan McKelvey
, Manager of Department and Member Services, 916-658-8253

     Email:  [email protected]

     Caitlin Cole, Conference Program Manager, 916.658-8248
     Email:  [email protected]

LCC Policy Committee Appointments

Community Services 
Melissa Crowder, CMC, Assistant City Clerk, West Hollywood

Environmental Quality
Anna Brown, CMC, City Clerk, Union City

Governance, Transparency & Labor Relations
     Randi Johl-Olson, JD, MMC, Legislative Director/City Clerk, Temecula

Housing, Community & Economic Development

Public Safety
Jose Jasso, MMC, Assistant City Manager/City Clerk, Rio Vista

Revenue & Taxation 
Marc Donohue, MMC, Chief City Clerk, South Pasadena

Transportation, Communication & Public Works
Susan Domen, MMC, City Clerk, Lake Elsinore