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The CCAC Executive Board authorized the Education Committee to approve scholarships, up to the authorized individual award and within the budget established by the Board, based on the Board's adopted policy.  The following information is being provided to assist you in obtaining information to apply for various scholarships throughout the year.  Scholarship applications shall NOT be included in the agenda packet and the Education Chairman shall provide a spreadsheet on the scholarship applicants.

Scholarship Applications

Round II Scholarship Application - Due November 1st (Please note the application is not compatible with Chrome at this time.)

Scholarships are awarded twice a year, with a limit of one Institute Scholarship and one Education Course Scholarship to each applicant per fiscal year (July 1 – June 30), unless additional funds are available.  Deadlines for submitting applications are June 1st for offerings held July through December (Round I) and November 1st for offerings held January through June (Round II). 

Institute scholarships may be used for registration costs and may be awarded for up to 33% of the total cost of the training (rounded to the nearest $5).  Education Course Scholarships will be awarded for $300 and may be used for registration costs, lodging and bona fide travel costs in accordance with the Scholarship Policy.  See application for additional information, including approval criteria.

Eligible Institutes and Education Courses


Institute Options: Education Course Options
Technical Training for Clerks – TTC Nuts & Bolts Workshop
Master Municipal Clerks Academy – MMCA CCAC Annual Conference
  MMC (1-Day) Academy Session
  IIMC Online Learning Institute Course
  New Law and Elections Seminar
  Athenian Dialogues